Fried Egg Baby Breakfast Pants and a roundup of free baby sewing patterns

By ari - August 16, 2019

I wrote his post and had it ready to go over two years ago, but for some reason i never got around to taking the photos for it? Instead of editing it, i thought i'd put this little intro at the start and leave it in all it's glory because it's kind of cute. i had no idea that there was my little baby nova in me, i didn't know WHO it was!

I should probably preface this by saying that I'm pregnant? I sort of announced it to my friends and family then really didn't make a big thing about it on social media which is kinda funny because it's going to be my last pregnancy and I thought i'd make it a big huge swan song sort of thing.

I took like one bump photo when i was 9 weeks.

I'm 20 weeks now.

ANYWAY, so there's a trilogy being released at the beginning of August to complete my set and it's pretty exciting because we've been working hard to get this baby here ^_^

I've finally sewed something for the little one, a pair of Breakfast Pants!

breakfast pants  •
breakfast pants  •

The leggings are self drafted and the egg butt is a reverse applique (you sew it on the inside of the fabric and cut the main fabric away), all the fabrics are scraps from my stash!

So since this is my last pregnancy I'm opting to not find out the gender. It's pretty exciting, but wow the unisex choice anywhere is sooo crap. Fortunately I'm not averse to putting my son in pink or florals or dressing my girl in "boy" clothes. Lucky for us clothes and colours don't have a gender ;)

breakfast pants  •

I've made a round up of little tiny baby sewing patterns because after trawling for a while I found it difficult to find the things I KNEW were out there! I know babies don't last in that newborn stage for very long but it's still sweet to sew small things you know? This roundup includes (free) patterns for babies from freshly squeezed to about 6 months in size and include mini reviews by me of the ones i have sewed. I'm not including any dresses in this because i'm trying to keep it unisex (and you can find cute dresses everywhere)

30+ free unisex baby patterns to sew  •


Made by Rae's newborn baby pants - (0-3mths) these are nice and basic pants
Misusu Pattern's olli shorts & pants - (0m-6y) i adore these pants with the different features you can add and the panelled legs make these just a bit different than regular pants. these are my go to for baby pants! to get this pattern for free you must join the facebook group.
Sew Much Ado's free footed baby pants - (newborn) i made a bunch of these (post coming soon!) and I ADORED them so much. Highly recommend this fast and easy and cute pattern!
Made by Rae's just hatched leggings - (0-3mths) i have never made these but they are TINY
Ellidactyl's 10k pants - (0m-12y) these are a relaxed fit pant with a few options and a ginormous size range. they seem like a great base to customise and use again and again. to get this pattern for free, you must be a member of their facebook group.
ikatee's Barcelona joggers - (6m-2T) these are one of he five options you can choose for a free pattern when you sign up to their newsletter. They're an adorable little sweatpant!
Duckbutt Designs' plain pants - (0m-12y) just a nice plain pant, you must join their facebook group to access the free pattern.
Sofilantjes' baby harem pants - (0-12m) this pattern is free with the code you can get from their facebook group. I'm not a fan of harem pants on kids, only because i made a few for my oldest and he ripped the crotch out of them constantly while trying to climb things, but i feel for babies they're just perfect!
5 out of 4 patterns' ninja leggings - (0m-14y) these cute leggings come in two length options as well as options for having a gusset, half-gusset or none at all
Made by Jack's Mum lightning leggings- (premmie-12y) i love that pattern companies these days are doing such great size ranges. i remember when i was sewing for vincent it was like baby to 3T and then 3T to 8 and then that was basically it (and you had to buy the size ranges separately!). this pattern has options for nappy butts or kids that are in underpants, two fit options (relaxed or slim) and three lengths
Shwin Designs knit baby pants - (0-3m) these baby pants are cute and soft-looking and easy!


The Alison Show's tiny t - (0-12mths) This pattern is perf if you want a really cute little raglan-sleeved shirt base. you can easily customise it, add a skirt for the bottom if you want a comfy little t-shirt dress. It's a really great little pattern!
Sew In Love's baby kimono - (3-9m) this cute cute cute little kimono wrap. you can access this free pattern by signing up to the newlsetter
Small Dream Factory's lapped tee- (0-24mths) we call these envelope necks as well, and while the neckline is kinda fiddly
Brindille & Twig's ringer tee - (0-6y) this is a great multi sized pattern and i love the fit
Misusu Pattern's Rowan Tee - (0m-14y) the size range is collossal with this FREE pattern, and i'm in love with the dolman sleeves. I feel i have really overlooked how satisfying sewing a basic pattern can be and i could definitely make a hundred of these and never hate it!
Lowland Kids raglan sweater - (0m-8y) this pattern is free with the discount code you can get from their facebook group. I've sewn just one of these up so far and i really like it! I love that you can make this either a sweater/jumper or just a tee
Misusu Pattern's Max Tee - (0m-6y) - i haven't sewn this one up but i love that you can use woven fabric for the bib front. this one is also free if you join the facebook group.
Ellidactyl's 5k tee - (0m-12y) this seems like a really great basic tee with a bunch of different options. there's colour-blocking and a few sleeve variations (the layered look is kinda cute and there is also a tank top version). You need to get the code from the facebook group for this to be a freebie.
Duckbutt Designs' Essential Raglan - (0m-12y) this free pattern is a great peek into the baseline standard that DBD are doing for all their patterns now. to receive it for free you just need to sign up to their newsletter

Diaper Covers

Brindille & Twig's Bummies - (0-3T) i haven't sewn these yet but i can't wait for summer!
Made Everyday's perfect diaper cover - (0-2T!)  (there's a great tutorial here by One Little Minute for turning this pattern into little shorts)


Coral & Co's beanie- (premmie-12mths) Okay so i feel like baby beanies are one of those things you end up having six hundred of and your kid ends up wearing one like once? nevertheless, i included them here because the sorts of beanies i like to put my kids into I don't own!
Duckbutt Designs' duck muffin beanie - (premmie-L adult) this is a cute little slouch beanie you can use all your scraps up on!


Brindille & Twig's Hooded Raglan Sweatshirt - (0m-6T) make sure you use stretchy fleece if you're making a jumper. i know that's a no-brainer really but i did not and the baby wore his hoodie once and the removal was stressful ahha.


Okay so I think i've sewn ONE onesie/romper in my entire life for eddie I think it was and it was really fiddly and I didn't really enjoy it and I mean i have like a thousand onesies by this stage (this is the fifth baby on my side of the family!) so my desire to sew any onesies is at an all time low BUT i did sew a few for this baby (and since this post i have sewn a bunch of rompers for him - from a paid pattern!)

Nordic Pattern's teddy bear overalls - (premmie-12m) nordic patterns don't seem to be around anymore but their pattern for this unBEARably adorable oneside is still available on Sew Mama Sew
Small Dream Factory's baby onesie - (0mths-4T) the size range on this is phenomenal! 
Mamma Can Do It's free onesie pattern - (3-6m) this free onesie pattern has an 'envelope' style neckline meaning it's super easy to get those beautiful baby heads in and out of their clothes. it also comes with several sleeve lengths.
Purl Soho's fleece baby jumpsuit - (0-9m) i love tht this onesie has no zippers and fastens with only two snaps! 


Made by Jack's Mum's sandcastle bucket hat - (0m-XL adult) how can you go past a free bucket hat pattern in such an insane size range? I haven't sewn this pattern before but i have sewn other MBJM patterns so i know it is perfect! there is also a tutorial for adding a little chinstrap to the hat :3
Homemade Toast's baby Toms - okay i need to preface this by saying that last time i sewed these they were vincent sized and they were wildly insanely WIDE. My friend Kat sewed some toddler ones too and we both agreed we made shoe boats instead of TOMS so i was hella hesitant to try again (which kinda sucked since i'd bought the toddler pattern to ensure a good fit). There's a tonne of good reviews out there for the baby size so I decided it might be another go? Probably NOT a staple for babies, ahah.

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