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By ari - August 14, 2019

Hello friends! it's been a really long time since i have actually posted anything on this blog bu i am here! i am around! It just takes so much effort to take nice blog-worthy photos, edit them and then write about them (it's so much easier and faster to microblog on my instagram!) but i DO miss blogging so here i am!

pug printed stellan tee  • www.max-california.com

This fabric was originally bought for Vin, who is OBSESSED with pugs (and is also ten now, whaaat, that means this blog is ten years old - byeeeee) but i couldn't resist the yellow and buttery softness of the french terry to make myself a tee. The fabric is from Birds of  a Feather, which is an austrlian custom fabric business and i'm a fan of the bright colours and beautiful fabrics that are printed on!

I've been trying out various free patterns around the internet and this one is the Stellan Tee by French Navy.

pug printed stellan tee  • www.max-california.com

I sewed it up in a size M (i'm an australian size 12 mostly) and i really love the fit, even if the sleeves are a little longer than i usually wear. The pattern has a curved hem but after i sewed it up i hated the way it looked on me so i cut it straight and re-hemmed it.

pug printed stellan tee  • www.max-california.com

the back of the neck has a cool reinforcement but i completely messed it up when i wa sewing it and just did not want to unpick it so it' got that bunchy thing going on. i don't mind it, really, like i have been working really hard with making sure i sew things correctly, taking pride in my work and making sure it looks perfect - sort of like, because it's homemade i don't want it to look 'home made'? but also lately i've been letting the imperfections go because i'm making clothes for myself and if i'm happy enough to wear it then how bad can it be! 

I have not sewn this tee again, i have many many t-shirt patterns, but if i needed to sew it again in a pinch i would! 

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