Pastel Pj Party with Project Run & Play and Wicked Fabricss

By ari - January 06, 2020

good morning friends!

it's been a hot minute over here on the blog, it's just so much easier throwing up pics on instagram without having to get the camera, upload all the pics that i attempt to take and then edit them? I don't know what i'm doing photography-wise, still, I just like to sew you know? haha, anyway, I signed up for the Project Run & Play pj party because i did have plans already to make adorable matching pyjamas for the kids and their cousins and i will always jump at the chance to sew up one of my friend Sew Chibi's Designs creations and promote her too!

I chose two patterns from the shop, the Natsu Shorties by Sew Chibi and the Rita Nightgown by Suco by Susana. I was just going to modify the nightgown into a tee for the boys before i realised i just did not have to always do that and asked for the Up Beet Tee by Petit a Petit & Family. I'm glad i did, because i'm super in love with this pattern and I had no interest in it for the longest time (i never noticed the back of it???).

I was ambitious and sewed up five little outfits, all different and all with different colourblocking. Also, i was so in love with their outfits i went to spotlight and got some more fabric for myself so i could have a shirt!

Our beautiful fabric sponsor, Wicked Fabrics, gifted me two metres of fabric to sew these up, but of course my plans needed MORE so i just defaulted to spotlight to get the rest of what i needed. There's a MASSIVE difference in quality though, let me tell you that. The eco cotton from Wicked Fabrics is so unbelievably butter soft, and the other fabrics from spotlight are just... well average! I chose one metre in the lilac eco cotton jersey and one metre in the baby blue oeko tex RIBBING. yeh thats right, i done goofed. I spaced completely and grabbed the wrong one. For anyone who wants this pretty blue in non-ribbing and actual jersey, you're meant to go for this listing. Don't be me!

HOWEVER, this meant all the pyjamas had the cutest and best neckbands and waistbands since the ribbing is more than flawless for this. I did use it for panels as well and wound up using every scrap of it anyway! Probably i would not have needed a metre of it though, for future reference to myself!

Ruby (my niece!) is wearing:

Rita Nightgown in a size 5. i shortened the length of it to be micro mini length on this long-legged beauty!

Vincent is wearing:
Up Beet Tee in a size 8
Natsu Shorties in a size 8
no mods were made!

Just need to talk about this back for a moment. It's rad, right? All t-shirts I make now will be Up Beet Tees.

Billie (my niece!) is wearing:
Rita Nightgown in a size 4. I pieced the skirt together from all the scraps left over and i'm super into this idea!

Billie was all about the popcorn that i provided for her

 Nova (the cheekiest ratbag) is wearing:
Upbeet Tee in size 2
Natsu Shorties in size 3
I shortened his shorts a little so we could see his gorgeous legs

Last but not least is Eddie, featuring her beloved bunny Wizzy <3

Edison is wearing:
Rita Nightgown in a size 5 as a peplum top
Natsu Shorties in a size 5 shortened

All the drawtrings on the shorties are just the offcuts from the fabric selvedges. I knotted the ends and just stitched them to the center fronts of the waistbands for some hecking cuteness! Maybe I'm going to need to make myself some of these shorts too...

Huge thank you to the designers for providing their patterns, Project Run & Play for organising the cutest pj party, Wicked Fabrics for sponsoring me, my sister for providing two little blonde models and to all the kiddos who were amazing and followed my direction well. They're naturals, i swear, and i know they enjoyed their popcorn & pyjama payment!

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