Sew My Style 2020: Kortney Bodysuit Inspiration

By ari - January 15, 2020

Right off the bat we have two amazing patterns for Sew My Style 2020, the Kortney Bodysuit and the Tania Culottes. The Kortney bodysuit is by Rad Patterns, a new-to-me company. It's a basic pattern really, don't be put off the bodysuit part because it is just a t-shirt that wraps around your crotch 😄 There are three different necklines and depending on the style you choose you may not even need to worry about snaps at the crotch.

Kortney Bodysuit Styling Inspiration ♥ Sew My Style 2020 post by Max California

Pattern Features:

  • five sleeve lengths (cap, short, elbow, 3/4 and long)
  • a narrow front or a wide neck neckline
  • high/mid/low scoop back
  • sizes XXS - 6X 
  • the pages are no-trim - when you print them out you can just glue them all together no worries (this is exciting for me as i can't stand trimming and i do not use the a0 print option yet!)


Bodysuits are a really fun way to wear something that looks like a tucked-in tee, without it actually being a tee (and without it coming untucked!). They're easy to layer, and the styling options are endless! You can dress your bodysuit up or down, depending on what you need it to do.

Kortney Bodysuit Styling Inspiration ♥ Sew My Style 2020 post by Max California
fashion hayley / lucy & yak 1 + 2
I for one love this look, layering bodysuits under overalls, although i feel maybe the whole double-undressing to go to the toilet would get old fast, or weird, or hilarious?

Kortney Bodysuit Styling Inspiration ♥ Sew My Style 2020 post by Max California
source unknown // nooworks // the curvy fashionista

Throw on a skirt or a pair of jeans and you're literally put together (throw on a pair of Tania Culottes if you're tricky). It's a cute look whether you use solid fabrics or fun patterns!

Kortney Bodysuit Styling Inspiration ♥ Sew My Style 2020 post by Max California
lace bodysuit (source unknown) // colleeen heidemann // source unknown

Sleeves!  There's five length options. Why not opt for sheer sleeves for something a little different? Or if you're up to it, hack your sleeves! Sleeves with volume are huge right now, something i did not think i would get on board with but lately i've seeing people's makes and it's changing my mind! Pictured is a long bell sleeve on the left and a bishop sleeve on the right. Divine.

Kortney Bodysuit Styling Inspiration ♥ Sew My Style 2020 post by Max California
colourful houses // mokuyobi // lulus // urban outfitters

Make the neckband contrast and turn your bodysuit into a cute ringer-tee style. Add a pocket for an extra feature.

You can also find more inspiration for bodysuits with the Kortney bodysuits already being sewed! Have a peek at the #kortneybodysuit tag on instagram (which i have been following with excitement as when i first had a look there was only one photo tagged! help me populate it?) or join the Sew My Style 2020 VIPS facebook group (note: you need to be signed up to the mailing list to be approved). There's some great sews happening there already, especially one hacked with the most gorgeous voluminous sleeves!

Bodysuits, jumpsuits and swimsuits always remind me of this problem (which isn't really a problem and more of a hilarious thing we can all relate to):
sad girl pop

I have a Pinterest board here with the above-mentioned styling options (plus whatever else I find and will add in the future!)


KAM (or other plastic snaps) can be used with success, but as I've had my own adventures with them and really despise them unless they work well (which is hit and miss) i would really recommend attaching them as firmly as you can! There's a tutorial here that i really liked about how to attach snaps, of course their 'scrap fabric' is a piece of cardboard, but if you're in need of guidance give this video a watch. I found that the bulk of the crotch placket really helped with keeping my snaps secure.

One of our other leaders for SMS20, Michele of WinMichele, did a quick video of how to remove plastic snaps if you need to. You can also use the pliers and crack the plastic by squeezing them together (it's my favourite passive aggressive thing to do when I miss up my snaps)


The pattern recommends fabrics with four-way stretch (50% stretch vertically an 50% stretch across the grain of the fabric too). I picked mine up from Spotlight (an australian fabric store) but anything with a little lycra in it will be putting you on the right track!

 Rad Patterns has a great post about what stitches to use for sewing knits - this is a great resource for anyone that may not be familiar with sewing with stretchy fabrics just yet and need some guidance.

I'll update this post when i think of other things that may help you with makig your Kortney Bodysuits and i'll be posting later this month with my finished ones! I hacked one into a swimsuit and i'm excited to share that with you too (although, if you're in the FB group you've already seen it by now 😉)

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