Sew My Style 2020

By ari - January 14, 2020

Sew My Style 2020 is underway and already there's some great makes popping up on the facebook group! The first two patterns for this month are the Kortney Bodysuit by Rad Patterns and the Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen and i love that it's basically an outfit you can make there!

What's Sew My Style?

#SewMyStyle 2020 (or #sms20) is the fourth year of a sewing challenge across Instagram and Facebook to encourage people of all ages, sizes, genders & ethnicity to sew their own wardrobes. Each month there are two pattern to choose from to sew up and if you share them on Instagram or Facebook you are eligible for some great prizes! Two leaders each month will sew up the patterns and show you how to hack, style and sew them!

Not only that but you get discounts on the patterns of the month, but you have to be signed up to the mailing list to get those juicy details!

Our host this year is the very amazing Paulette from Petite Font and it's been so great working under her. She's an incredibly organised person and everything you will ever need to know about the challenge is right here!

This year I am one of seven leaders for the challenge and we are also joined by 8 bloggers and vloggers! You can find who is helping out with Sew My Style 2020 here.

24 Patterns!

First off, you do not have to purchase and sew all twenty-four of the patterns for Sew My Style this year! Last year i was signed up and did sew up some of the patterns but i didn't really blog about them or enter them for prizes (i sewed them in the wrong months). It's neat to get discounts for the patterns and with the entire list already planned out in advance it's great for wardrobe and project planning.

sew my style 2020 pattern list ♥ Sew My Style 2020 post by Max California

January: Kortney Bodysuit (Rad Patterns) & Tania Culottes & Tania Curve Culottes (Megan Nielsen)
February: Ilford Jacket (Friday Pattern Company) & Summit Pack (Cloudsplitter Bags and Designs)
March: Willa Vest (Laela Jeyne Patterns) & Gelato Blouse and Dress (Liesl + Co. Patterns)
April: Nova Sweatshirt (Sinclair Patterns) & Redwood Vest (5 Out Of 4 Patterns)
May: to be released (True Bias) & Game Day Tee (Love Notions)
June: to be released (In The Folds) & Free Range Slacks (Sew House 7)
July: Scoop Pinafore (Sew Different) & Honeycomb Bag (Millicent Joy)
August: Lulu Cardigan (Pattern Scout Studio) & Men's Reed Trousers (Laela Jeyne Patterns)
September: Lichen Duster - to be released (Sew Liberated) & Marigold Dress, Peplum and Skirt (Blank Slate Patterns)
October: Pona Jacket (Helen's Closet) & Men's Long John Jammers (Rad Patterns)
November: Dionne Duster (Sew Altered Style) & Ali Sweater (Sew DIY)
December: Rose Pants & Shorts (Made By Rae) & Rita Fitted Skirt (5 Out Of 4 Patterns)

I'm really looking forward to the Willa vest with the sleeve add on, it's the sort of anorak-style i've been looking for in a while. I also want to sew up the Game Day Tee, it's def my sort of style i just need to work out what to do to make it more me (will be sewing it over-sized and styling it with bike shorts or leggings!). The Nova sweatshirt is on my to-make list as well, for obvious reasons (my youngest son's name is Nova). I have owned the Marigold dress for a long time, i think i got it in a pattern bundle years ago, so SMS20 is a good reason to sew it up! Other makes i'm looking forward to sewing and incorporating into my wardrobe is the Tania Culottes, the Lichen Duster and the Ali Sweater. I'm also looking forward to sewing for Tim this year as well and the Ilford Jacket and Reed Trousers will be perfect bases as well as the Nova Sweater and the Long John Jammers.

 I may have already made up the Rose Shorts >_>

There's a lot of pattern companies i haven't sewn with yet, so i'm looking forward to investigating those! Which patterns are you looking forward to? I made a collage of all the patterns since i'm an extremely visual person and wanted to see them all together so I knew what was what!

Sew My Style 2020 patterns collage ♥ Sew My Style 2020 post by Max California

Not your style?

Paulette has written an excellent post about enhancing your closet, making things your style, and i absolutely adored reading it. it's inspiring and makes the challenge even more exciting. There's a handful of patterns i instantly felt I was not going to sew but Paulette's post has changed my mind on it and as a leader i'm going to sew the heck out of them and make them my style.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a round up of resources and inspiration for the Kortney Bodysuit and later this month I will share the ones that I have made!

 Have you participated in Sew My Style in the past?

sew my style 2020 I'm In ♥ Sew My Style 2020 post by Max California

New to Sew My Style? Learn more and join in here.

Sew My Style 2020 includes these talented sewists, catch up on their #SMS20 posts:

Aaronica @ The Needle & The Bell | Leanne @ Thready For It | Ari @ Max California | Minna @ The Shapes of Fabric | Carol @ Chatterstitch | Michele @ WinMichele | Julian @ Julian Creates | Florence @ FTMom3 | Kelsey @ Seam Lined Living | Kris @ Sew Notes | Laura @ The Specky Seamstress | Samantha @ The Rural Sewist | Sarah @ Haraz Handmade | Shelby @ Handmade Shelby | Simone @ Intensely Distracted | and SMS20 Coordinator Paulette @ Petite Font

To stay up-to-date with all the #SMS20 news, pattern discounts and inspiration, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter at Sew My Style 2020.

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