Sew My Style 2020: Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes

By ari - February 01, 2020

Morning friends!

It's the last day of the month and that means REVEAL day for our Sew My Style 2020 garments! I already posted some snaps of these on my instagram account earlier this month, but i thought i should take real photos for my blog post about it!

I sewed up both patterns, because i knew that they would work well together!

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

Kortney Bodysuit

This was a really nice sew. The pattern is by Rad Patterns, a new-to-me sewing company that has so many incredible patterns on offer! The designer (stephanie) is extremely talented, and i know it's been mentioned before but as I'm a huge fan of streetwear I thought i'd mention it again -  she used to pattern make for Adidas! Literally the latest Ivy Park (beyonce)  x Adidas collab was something she worked on!

ANYWAY. I didn't know any of this when i made up this body suit late last year. I just really wanted a bodysuit in my wardrobe and it seemed pretty cute! One of the criteria for selecting companies for this year's Sew My Style was their extended sizes, and Rad Patterns really offers patterns for all people.

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

You can read all the details about the pattern as well as some inspiration in my previous post here

My Bodysuit:
  • Size M
  • 3/4 sleeve, narrow 
  • trunk 60"
  • the straight size M was a perfect fit for me and my short torso
  • Binding: 4.5cm x 47 cm (x2 legs) and 4.5cm x 69cm (neck)
  • the pattern is no trim, so you can print it out and you just overlap the edges of the pattern to form it. I love that so much!
Next time i would do the snap crotch and leg binding differently. It's a bit bulky to look at so I would finesse it a little more. The snaps are quite far back on this pattern, but if you do them up by reaching behind your body rather than between your legs you will feel less like a contortionist. I feel the positioning of the snaps is so that when you sit you don't feel them between your legs. I really like this positioning. I did use plastic KAM snaps and while most of them are doing well, one side of one has unfastened itself which is infuriating (i have snap issues haah). In future I will use the sew in snaps!

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

The Kortney Bodysuit is a snug fit, not just on me but i read a similar comment on many of the other people who have sewn it up in the SMS20 VIP group. It's not uncomfortable, and i feel you need the perfect fabric for it to be not so snug. I'm not sure if I would suggest sizing up next time for myself, or just doing a smaller seam allowance?

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

The neckline is really beautiful and sits well. It doesn't fall off my shoulders and I can wear a bra underneath (not that I wear bras a lot HA) without it showing (except for in this one photo LOL).

I used this fabric from Spotlight called All In The Eye which is a cotton spandex. It stretched a beautiful amount for me even if it is a tiny bit see-through!

I adore this bodsuit, it's a great layering piece and I know I can wear it with my high waisted shorts in summer and my jeans in winter or with my ....

Tania Culottes

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

The Tania Culottes (and the extended sizes Curve)by Megan Nielsen Patterns is far more adorable than I ever thought. I'm very into circle skirts lately, or ones that at least have swish and volume, and the culottes give me that perfect amount while still being shorts! At first I was very conscious of the fabric between my legs that I'm not used to, but that went away very quickly. 

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

I think my favourite part about sewing these was the pleats in the front and back, because I had no idea why i was sewing where indicated but then it started coming together and WOW, I was so impressed at such a clever design! I have loved seeing people in these culottes because of the poses to show that they are culottes, it's my favourite thing ever. We need a hashtag.

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

I should have ironed this before I took photos. The truth is i have been wearing it! It's been in my actual wardrobe being worn which is exciting haha. One thing to note, which I have also noticed other people mentioning it as well (and this is the beauty of sewing within a community, you find things out about patterns so you know it's not just you), the waistband is a bit large. I thought it was alright, but after seeing these photos I definitely will be taking it in a little to make it fit a bit more snug.

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

My culottes: 

  • size 16
  • view A - short with a full 'skirt'
  • print pages 1-44
  • instead of a regular zipper I tried out the Lapped Zipper (the tutorial is on the Megan Nielsen blog). I loved doing this, it's not dissimilar to the way I usually do zips (I taught myself how to insert them and I don't think it's 100% correct but they've been looking good and functioning for 18 years so...). I didn't give it enough space so it's not perfect, but it was definitely in the right direction and I will do lapped zippers more in the future!
  • however the instructions in the tutorial talk about a "circle". I suspect this is from the former version of this pattern as there was no circle this time! 
  • Let the culottes hang for 48 hours before hemming!
  • I was going to shorten them but i like the length of this particular pair. Next ones I plan on making them mini!
  • the fabric is from a sheet set I bought from the op shop! this is where I source the majority of my fabrics!

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

 Overall, I am really happy with the first two patterns for this year's Sew My Style! My first one a few years ago really disappointed me, but there is nothing but happiness and excitement here for this year! I have a few more of these planned. Paulette cropped it into a shirt (and had plans for matching shorties with the bottom of the pattern) and i really love the versatility of that. I love that the culottes look like a full skirt, without me sewing a million circle skirts, so I'll be adding a few of these in different colourways to my wardrobe (there's a solid aqua one planned and also a rainbow one).

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

And just to show you my high fashion pose in case you thought I couldn't:

#SMS20 Kortney Bodysuit & Tania Culottes •

I literally look like i'm doing a poo.

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