Sew My Style 2020: Nova Sweatshirt Inspiration

By ari - April 14, 2020

hello friends! I am back with some more Sew My Style goodness! I still haven’t finished my summit pack (I was waiting for a specific zip to come back into stock but priorities have definitely shifted since then) and while I had good intentions in sewing the Willa Jacket and the Gelato last month those didn’t happen either. Who could predict what 2020 has thrown at us, huh? I still do intend to sew all the patterns for #SMS20, though, so don’t give up on me yet! this months patterns are the Nova Sweatshirt and the Redwood Vest and guess which one I’ve got!

 Not a hard guess if you know me at all, but I chose the Nova since I have my very own little space boy named Nova! I may be a little partial to the name.

 The Nova sweatshirt is a fantastic basic pattern that everyone really needs in their pattern libraries, not only bc it’s a great pattern but because it’s a raglan sleeve top with a handful of different variations and is very easy to hack! Today I’m going to run through some really fun inspiration on how to make this pattern more (if you want to!)

 Pattern Features 

  •  sizes XS-XL/US0-US22 / UK8-UK26 
  • Also features regular/petite/tall sizing 
  •  crew neck, cowl or hoodie options 
  •  pockets: kangaroo or chest 
  •  optional drawstring around hem 


 lengths! from cropped to maxi, you can easily play around with the nova sweatshirt and transform it instantly from a shirt/hoodie into a cropped top or a dress. If you’re going for a dress you can also play with having a drawstring around the waist or these super cute ties. I feel it’s a style that’s been around for a while but I’m only just noticing it now? I like the idea of cutting the tee in the middle of the body, too, and adding a gathered ruffled there for some sort of peplum style.

maxi dress // crop // regular // dress

drawstring // ties

 sleeves! this is a big one since the raglan cut sleeves already feel like such a statement to me, they’re iconic! make a bigger impact by playing around with them. contrast sleeves are an easy go to, not just by having them a different colour than your main fabric but doing them in a mesh or a lace for a pretty, sheer detail. Other ideas pictured are layered sleeves, pleating or fringing or elbow patches. I love the idea of a flutter sleeve which can be done with some slashing-and-spreading of the sleeve pattern. ultimate procraftinator has a tutorial on how to make it sleeveless. I’m so in love with the idea of reconstructing an existing shirt and adding the sleeves to the end of 3/4 nova sleeves. There’s also lace-up sleeves and I swear I have seen shirts with zippers on that front armscye seam but I cannot find a reference pic at all, unfortunately!

sheer sporty // mesh contrast // sheer // peekaboo // contrast & fringe
reconstruction // flutter sleeve

double sleeve // cut outs // peplum

 you could added some printed elastic/knitted cuffs as neckbands and/or sleeve and hem bands for a fun contrast. tessuti has a tutorial on how to add a ruffle around the body although it is for woven fabrics (remember the way the fabrics needs to stretch around your body if doing this up in the recommended knits!)

 ALTERNATIVELY you could literally just sew yourself a straight up nova tee with no extra bells and whistles!

 also check out the #novaraglan tag on Instagram for more makes and inspiration (don’t forget to add you own, with the #sms20 tag too!) and don’t forget to make sure you’ve joined the Sew My Style 2020 VIPS Facebook group too! I’ve added the above inspiration pics to my #sms20 nova sweatshirt Pinterest board, as well as SO MANY OTHERS. you’re going to wind up wanting to sew fifty of these I swear.

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