Sew My Style 2020: Sailor Moon Cropped Nova Sweatshirt

By ari - April 15, 2020

It literally did not occur to me until right now that my last SMS20 make was also sailor moon ಥ‿ಥ

When life gives you lemons, make a pink lemonade sailor moon tee! There’s so much going on in the world right now, and i don’t like to complain because everyone is going through their own things as well as living through a freaking pandemic. Sewing-wise, this was a MISSION but i’m pleased to say that despite no ink (i ordered some nearly two months ago to be prepared, but it still hasnt arrived), no fabric (ordered some last week but i guess the easter break has delayed shipping even more, even though the shop is in town LOL), and entertaining three kids who need to interrupt me every ten minutes so focus is an ISSUE - i have DONE IT. The pattern itself is easy peasy and I absolutely adore it! Calling this one a TNT already!

The Nova Sweatshirt pattern is by Sinclair Patterns, and despite having a minor freakout that the main plan i had for it was not going to work out since my fabric hadn't arrived (i have a great stash, but the basic colours are not there. all i needed was white knit!) i realised that this was NOT who i am. I am resourceful, i rarely buy anything new so i scrounged around some more and found something that was going to WORK and wow, does it work!

JayJays recently sold a bunch of sailor moon tees, and i broke my Buy Nothing New/Fast Fashion rule last year to buy two for myself. Then my dad showed up a week later with every other shirt in their series for me! I have like 6 sailor moon shirts now!! I had a double up of this pink one so it was already in my t-shirt surgery stash. The yellow knit was an amazing find at the op shop pre-corona, metres and metres of this butter-soft mystery knit that def has some sort of spandex percentage in it. They just worked so great together it was super exciting pulling this all together.

The ties are just the leftovers of the shirt after I cut the front & back pieces from it, I joined the strips together like bias binding but left them raw on all the edges so they kind of curl a little. i like the look (even though I am heavily opposed to raw edges as a design feature!)

I sewed up the M size, which is a US 8 and despite the size i still had 40 pages to print. It kinda freaked me out a little bit since I knew my ink was running extremely low (like the black ink was coming out this weird dark red that eventually faded to an orange until it ran out completely! I really milked that cartridge within an inch of its life ahah!) Still, i wanted to have all the options included with the necklines. I wasn't originally even going to do a hood so i'm glad I did print it out anyway! This pattern is TRIMLESS which means you don't need to be cutting any edges, it's brilliant, just glue them together. Small things like this make me very happy.

i cropped it by measuring from my clavicle down to where I wanted the shirt to sit. It was 36cm so i just measured that down the centre front of the pattern piece and added an extra centimetre for seam allowance! Instead of cuffs on the sleeves or a band for the hem i opted just for a zigzag stitched hem (which is a little lol since I love adding bands to the bottom of everything!). I'm really excited to make more of this pattern in a billion different ways!

This top would go so cute with these air maxes i’ve had my eye on, maybe a little treat to myself after the pandemic?! You can see all my Sew My Style posts here. I'll also be linking other leaders' posts on that page as well!

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