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By ari - October 05, 2020

I've wanted to make my own socks for such a long time, and while I've made some for eddie I didn't really like the pattern that I used and I couldn't imagine them turning out very well at all for an adult. Then i saw the Ringelprinzessin socks made by Diana on instagram I bought the pattern immediately! And, well, this was a year ago and i still haven't stopped making socks! They're the best scrapbuster for knit fabrics and I've made them over and over for myself, for my friends and my family!

The pattern I use is in german, and i know that there probably are some other sock patterns out there now in english, but it wasn't difficult to figure it out by the diagrams and for me these are perfect so i don't need to get another pattern. The pattern is the Ringelprinzessin sock by Hilli Hiltrud and it comes in various cuts from anklets (sneakersocken), regular sock height (haha) and crew (strümpfe). I bought the women's sizes, but i didn't realise how popular they would be in my family so if you have littles you sew for i would recommend getting the family bundle.

Please note i'm not getting any compensation for promoting this particular pattern, it's just one i really love!

The socks are seamed together, but you really don't feel the seams at all inside the sock. I would definitely make sure to use knits with a high stretch as I've made a few that aren't as stretchy and while they feel okay on, i get panicky when i can't get them off easy (it's mostly the ankle band that is the issue).


  •  I traced the pattern into cardboard in my size because I was using it so much! This makes it a sturdy template
  • Use fabrics that have arounf 50% stretch. I've used remnants from t-shirts and they worked out okay but they do fit a bit more snug than if they had more stretch in them. If the fabric has elastane in it, it should be perfect! 
  • This pattern uses european shoe sizes, and if you want a really well-fitted sock there are several well-illustrated ways to alter the pattern. I have a long, narrow foot, but i didn't bother with altering it at all.
  • I sew mine with a straight stitch on my sewing machine, but use my overlocker to attach the ankle cuff. This means I can trim the seam allowances right back, but as they are only 0.6cm they're not that large anyway. A few pairs I have stitched together on the overlocker and they've worked out just fine too

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