Edison's Birth Story

Edison's birth was very different to Vincent's, even though they both were born by c-section. Whereas Vinnie was an emergency caesarean, Edison's was elective.

I get a lot of people asking me why I chose to have a c section with her, and the fact is pretty simple. I was terrified. I never had a problem with the drama of Vincent's birth. I knew it could have gone much worse, and I really think I worked through the whole labour pretty darn well. It wasn't until I fell pregnant with Eddie that I suddenly realised there was a very real chance that I would have to do it all over again. I needed support,  I needed to make sure I wasn't going to have to labour 34 hours to discover I wasn't even dilating far enough.

This pregnancy we went through a private midwife clinic, My Midwives, we lived in a different town than we had with Vince and I wasn't very confident that I would be okay in the one public hospital here. We had a few hiccups with the clinic, but all in all it all came together and if I ever have a third child I will go through them again for sure.

Here's my no-holds-barred story about how Edison was born. It's not written to scare anyone, it's just the truth about how I felt and what I thought. If you're looking for a pretty fairytale birth with no blood & gore then maybe you should go look at something else.

We have a cool batman clock my aunty gave me that beams the time onto the ceiling!
My day started just after 3am on Monday, July 9, 2012. I couldn't sleep. We were to be at the Pre-Admission's Clinic at 6.30am and our alarms were set for 5 but I was too excited. And scared. Scared that we had come so far through so much and I was going to lose my baby girl. I think that feeling is normal, I'd like to think that anyway, so I kept poking her and waiting for her to poke back.

I know you will get mad but those are size 9 jeans :P
Because I was to be prepared for major surgery that day, I had to have a shower before I went to the hospital. They make you shower anyway when you get there. I made sure I was all shaved down there {Not an easy feat when you can't even see what you're doing! There was no way I wanted Tim near my bits with a razor though!}. I had intended to get a wax but I just ran out of time. Vince had decided to get up at this time and we watched tv together, just the two of us.

It was beautiful to spend that time with him, he was so excited and so was I. It was going to be the last time it was ever going to be just me & him, the way it had been for the last 3 years. In a matter of hours his little sister would be here! We played Lego and he kept attacking me and my belly with kisses and cuddles.

Last pregnant belly selfie!

I woke Tim just after 5.30am, letting him sleep in a little. He rolled out of bed and told me to go have a shower. He was a bit shocked when I told him I already did and I was all packed and ready to roll! We just waited for him to shower and dress and then we were ready to roll!

I had to fast since 2am, and already I was so hungry and so tired. All I could think about was how amazing a big bottle of water would be!

It was still dark outside when we got to the hotel Tim's parents were staying at. They managed to get the hotel that was right beside the hospital, and they were going to look after Vince until Eddie was born. We knocked on the door but everything was still dark. Their alarms hadn't gone off! They came to the door all tired and peering at us as we stood in the streetlights. Little Vinnie ran in and jumped onto their bed, asking them that they could watch cartoons now.

We exchanged kisses & hugs and then we got back into the car and drove around the corner to the hospital.

We wore the same shoes! We bought these Dunlops when we were first dating :3
In the Pre-Admissions Clinic we waited for a little while before a nurse took me through the big double doors into an area with lots of cubicles in it. She checked me over, asked lots of questions {which was the first round of questions. I ended up being asked the same lot of questions about 70 times that day, just to make sure I guess...}. She showed us to the bathroom where I was given a surgical sponge that had antibacterial stuff in it to wash with. Tim & I played shenanigans in the bathroom.

When we get anxious or nervous, we start acting really silly. It's our coping mechanism. And so we danced and took silly photos and generally mucked around.

Oh you're all class! {He was faking btw}
Getting the right temperature for me
He insisted on dressing me, but was really worried that everyone would see my bottom. Silly Tim, I got a dressing gown too!
Trying to figure out how the hospital gowns go on
Then Tim had to go and get into his scrubs as well as my student midwife Robyn. I'm so glad she was there from the beginning of the day with us. It was her first birth too, and I'm so grateful she was on my journey with us!
I took a sneaky over-the-top-of-the-door photo while he was dressing!
My friend Laura took this photo in Brisbane that morning. The sunrise was pink and there was also a rainbow behind her. The world was ready for my little girl!

We spent HOURS in the second waiting room. I was so uncomfortable, and hungry and so thirsty. They gave me some tablets for something, and I savoured that tiny little shot-cup of water. My lips were so chapped and I was so parched! It was ridiculous.

Tim playing doctor

At about 9.30am they finally came to get us. My private midwife had arrived not long before and would be with me for the rest of the adventure. Tim ducked out to message our families and let them know that we were finally going in, that we should be out around 11am. We walked over to some beds and I climbed on one, where my midwife checked my belly and they all had a good laugh at my bellybutton. It was crazy you guys. I was happy when they hooked us up to the heart monitor, I could hear little Edison's heart beating away in there, which made me relieved because I was still so terrified something was going to happen before she was born.

I got asked MORE questions, and then they wheeled me down the hallways and I started to get very frightened. I'm a girl who likes to be in control of a situation, and when I can't control it I get panicky. They wheeled me past one of those round mirrors in the corner of the roof and I saw just how little and scared I looked. That scared me even more.

We were wheeled into a tiny room where they would administer the anaesthetic. I got a glimpse of the operating theatre through the second lot of doors and I got scared. Everything was so much bigger in the Mater Hospital, where I had Vincent. Also by the time I got to this stage with Vincent I had been labouring for a day and was high as a kite on the wonderful, wonderful drugs they gave me.

You can tell by my eyes in the above picture the time I started to get really terrified. As is my motto in life though, 'Fake it until you Make it', you got a big thumbs up from me. Let's do this!

We were in the Anaesthetic room for about 20minutes. Everything was taking SO LONG it felt. They put my cannula in my hand and then I had to sit up so that I could finally get the anaesthetic.

Apparently the needle was MASSIVE but I didn't see it. I was so prepared for it to hurt like hell but I hardly felt the needles. They had swabbed my back and then injected the spinal anaesthetic and then I could lie down again. It worked so incredibly fast I was starting to feel nice and warm and numb.

No idea why Tim & I suddenly started throwing up peace signs in our photos but hey, we were nervous.
I was wheeled into the operating theatre where the doctor's introduced themselves to me and they lifted me up onto the operating table. I couldn't feel my legs anymore, but I could still wiggle my toes and could feel the sensations of them touching me. A little tent was rigged up over my chest so I couldn't see what was happening. Luckily this time I couldn't see my reflection in the lights above {which I did with Vince}! The operation didn't take long at all, and one of the doctor's mentioned something about "lots of dark hair".

This was my reaction when I heard that:

 The 4D ultrasound we had said that she wouldn't have any hair. If she did it was probably blonde because they couldn't see it. I was in absolute shock that she would have dark hair! My sister and I were born with very dark hair. Was I finally having a child that looked like me?

I heard a little gurgle as she tried to cry. With a c section, because you're awake but numbed, I could still feel all the tugging and pulling as they reached in and got her out. It's a strange feeling, but pretty fun. She had a set of lungs on her. I can't remember, but Tim said that Vincent didn't cry, so Eddie's little cries were ADORABLE!

She looked so big and bloated when they held her up, but she was a full pound smaller than Vincent was!

She was covered in lots and lots of vernix. Way more than Vincent was. I think because she was born at 39weeks and he was born at 41. It's a really strange substance to feel! It's slippery and slimy and very waterproof.

Tim was able to cut the cord. That's our midwife Sonya up there with him. With Vinnie, Tim didn't want to go anywhere near the umbilical cord, but this birth he had agreed to do it.

Tim telling me all about her.
So they took Edison for about 1 or 2 minutes to cut the cord and then they wrapped her up and brought her right back to me while they stuck me back together.

She was so hot to touch! Like a delicious hot water bottle. She was covered in blood and placenta still but I didn't care. I couldn't stop kissing her warm head.

She cried and cried until I told her that I was here and that it was okay. The moment she heard my voice she settled down to listen. It was such a magical moment!

My student midwife Robyn came rushing over to me and said, "I got the cutest photo of Edison. She poked her tongue out!" We thought it was very cute. Little did we know it was a habit she just wouldn't give up!

I don't know why my Anaesthetist looks so sad.
Tim left with Edison where they would meet me later in the Recovery Room so I was alone in the theatre while they finished sticking me back together. They gently slid me from the table to a bed, and already the anaesthetic was wearing off! Suddenly I could feel pain in the incision! That made me feel anxious but I didn't think about it because they were wheeling me to the Recovery Room.

She was place on my right away while they started to monitor me. Edison was placed on my chest, we were both naked and she was still So warm. We had a blanket put on us that had a pump at the end that blew hot air up it. It was so comfortable! I also had these machines put on my legs, I never got to look at them at all, but they would build up pressure on my legs, then release slowly, then build up and release again. They were a bit noisy, but they felt so good. Like someone massaging your legs. They were to make sure I didn't get any blood clots, to keep the blood circulating since I couldn't walk.

Straight away she started to search for milk instinctively. We watched her and it was so incredible as she slowly inched her way over to one of my breasts. I tried to help her latch on, but we were both not very good at it so the midwife helped put her on the other breast where she had a good long feed.

In the Recovery Room with Vincent, we stayed half an hour. With Edison we didn't get out until 2pm. My blood pressure was very low and they wouldn't let me out until it went back to 'normal' and stayed there. It would sometimes go back up when they put something in my drip, but then the next time it was low again. I had low blood pressure all through my pregnancy, so it was normal for me, but they really wouldn't let me go, wanting to keep an eye on me.

Three nurses rolled me onto my side to make sure I wasn't leaking out excessively, and to change the pad I was lying on, and it was then I realised how much pain I was in. I was so thirsty, and my throat was so dry I couldn't even cry properly. I've never had a normal labour, so I'm not sure how painful that is, but the burning pain from my incision as they moved me was horrible!

They gave me painkillers, I was on a regular rotation of different kinds and I was so grateful for that.

We finally were able to leave the Recovery Room. They wheeled me past the waiting room where I caught a flash of my mother and my mother in law holding Vincent. Tim got Vincent as we wanted him to met his sister before anyone else did.

He loved her from the moment he saw her.

Completely ZONKED
Word didn't get out until 5.30pm that afternoon, to people that weren't our immediate family. There was barely any reception in the room I was in, and so my Facebook was going CRAZY from people asking if everything was okay and what was going on. My sister had people she didn't even know stalking her facebook for any news. Betty was finally the first to be able to tell everyone that Edison was born.

We stayed in hospital until the 12th. On the second day of my stay they tried to get me to walk. It was painful and I almost passed out but on the second attempt I did it!

I didn't have a natural birth, I didn't do it drug-free. So many of my friends are able to and I'm really proud of them for that, but I'm proud that I managed to get two kids into this world safely. It's hard!

That's the story of how Edison Wednesday Rae Green was born. I'll be updating my pregnancy-turned-family blog with how her our first week went as well as my adventures into breastfeeding her.

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