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First let me ramble a little...
Since Kat and I started talking and becoming best biffles in 2012, we  discovered we have a lot in common. It's not like we're separated at birth, but we compliment each other pretty darn well! While she leans more toward the Japanese/Anime style of things, I lean toward more typical geek ventures of comic books and sci-fi movies. Did I say we lean? More like we are dancing. Both of us like to game, but two things that we are truly united in is fun and exciting sewing for our kids and pushing boundaries.

Here's where it gets meaty...
So Kat came up with the idea of doing a series together. YAY! This was right before I even was asked to do Project Run & Play, so we started planning. It was pretty much a no brainer to do something geeky. And after realising we are no good at coming up with clever names, Sew Geeky was born!

Here's where you get the details of what the heck I'm talking about...
Sew Geeky is a once  month sewing series hosted by myself and my dear friend Kat of Sew Chibi. Each month we will have a different theme, and our individual takes on the theme. We will be sewing for our kids, or sometimes for ourselves! Each month the theme will be something, well, geeky!

Our first Sew Geeky went live on the most geektastic of days, May 25 2013, Geek Pride Day!

Here's the part where we get you to sew along!
It's not just Kat & I doing Sew Geeky. We want everyone in on this. This means you! Each month we will have a nerdtastic theme. Each month we will have two guest bloggers participating {if you're interested, email us!}. Submit your stitchings to the Sew Geeky Flickr Pool. If it's geeky, we want to see it! We're talking sci-fi, comics, pop culture, board games, video games, if you've been called a geek for something you are passionate about, pop it in the pool! {A Flickr pool is a group made on photo-sharing website Flickr. No swimming necessary!}

Just a few basic housekeeping rules so it's not just a free for all as there are plenty of other places you can show off your sewing creations as well as various link parties! We want this to stay an awesome group for your one stop nerdifying needs!

- it must be something you have made, and not something you are trying to sell
- it can be children's or adult's clothing!
- please add it to the Sew Geeky Flickr group, otherwise we might miss your creations and we really don't want that! If you have a blog, please link up so we can stalk, find you!
- no more than two photos in the flickr group please, of the one outfit. Feel free to link to your blog in the photo descriptions, and also feel free to make more than one outfit of course!

And last but not not least...

Here's the part where you can take our buttons!

You can see all the Sew Geeky things I have featured on my blog by tracking the Sew Geeky tag here

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Special Guests included Kelley from Casa Crafty & my sister Betty from Betty Again

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We had too much for Star Wars Sew Geeky so we had a follow up later that month: 

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