Sew My Style 2020

#SewMyStyle 2020 (or #sms20) is the fourth year of a global sewing challenge across Instagram and Facebook to encourage people of all ages, sizes, genders & ethnicity to sew their own wardrobes. Each month there are two pattern to choose from to sew up and if you share them on Instagram or Facebook you are eligible for some great prizes! Two leaders each month will sew up the patterns and show you how to hack, style and sew them!

Not only that but you get discounts on the patterns of the month, but you have to be signed up to the mailing list to get those juicy details!

Our host this year is the very amazing Paulette from Petite Font and it's been so great working under her. She's an incredibly organised person and everything you will ever need to know about the challenge is right here!

This year I am one of seven leaders for the challenge and we are also joined by 8 bloggers and vloggers! You can find who is helping out with Sew My Style 2020 here.

My Posts

Intro & Patterns 
Kortney Bodysuit styling & resources
Kortney Bodysuit (mine)
Tania Culottes (mine) and a second pair
Ilford Jacket Shirt (mine)
Nova Sweatshirt Inspiration
Cropped Nova Sweatshirt (mine)

Posts by Others

Sew My Style 2020 by Petite Font
FAQ by Petite Font
Ilford Jacket by Julian Creates
Summit Pack by Chatterstith
Gelato Blouse hacks by Minna

Nova Sweatshirt - cropped

Ilford Jacket Shirt

Kortney Bodysuit

Tania Culottes (pastels)

Tania culottes (aqua)

Past Years

Sunny Top (2018)

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