Sewing for Boys

Vin, being my first child ever, was the only one I sewed for until his little sister came along. Boy Sewing wasn't anything difficult for me, it was just all I knew! I love sewing Eddie pretty dresses but my heart is always with boy fashion and sewing trendy, unique and FUN clothing for my man!

This page is a directory of pretty much all of the boy sewing I have blogged about here on Max California. Click any of the images below to be directed to the post! At the bottom of this page I also have included my pinterest boards for inspiration for boy style, sewing for boys as well as a bunch of boys patterns! Eventually this page will expand to include even MORE boy sewing inspiration, links, other bloggers, the entire universe - but for now have a good time trawling through this!


Need some inspiration for boy's trends or style features? Although this board does contain some men's fashion, for me I use this board as a massive jumping off point for sewing Vincent unique gear!

This board contains all free patterns and tutorials to sew for your boy! Awesome!

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