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So many people visit this page every day! If you're using these stencils, or you've made something from them, leave a comment! It takes two seconds and I'd love to hear from you! xx Max

I thought since I make a lot of stencils, I should share them with you! Feel free to save these as you choose, just remember that most of the Superhero and Star Wars stencils are licensed logos, so you can't make anything from them and sell them!

You can use these as stencils for painting, or as templates for appliques

I'll be updating this page often as I make new stencils!

How to use them
Right click the image you want and select 'open image in new tab/window' from the drop down menu that appears. In the new tab/window, right click the image again and select 'save image as...'

That's it!

Superhero Stencils
Green Lantern
The Flash
Misc. Stencils
Sad Keanu


Robin Stencil

Save both the oval and the R. The faint grey R on the oval image is for placement.
The oval is black. The R is yellow

Batman Stencil

Save both the oval and the bat. The faint grey bat on the oval image is for placement.
The oval is yellow, the bat is black

Green Lantern Stencil
Save both the circle and the lantern. The faint grey lantern on the circle image is for placement.
The circle is white, the lantern is green


The Flash

Save the three templates, the two circles and the lightning bolt. The faint grey lightning bolt and inner circle on the base circle image is for placement.

Cut one base circle from yellow fabric. Cut one inner circle from white fabric. Cut one lantern from green fabric.


 Save the two templates. The S is red, the shield is yellow



Sad Keanu Stencil


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