Max who?

Ah, that would be me :)

What do you do?
What don't I do? I sew, I stitch, I reconstruct, I DIY everything in my way, I dye my hair a different colour pretty much every other month. I'm a full-time mummy and I do my best to rock out every day. I also write, but very few are allowed to read what I write because I'm not confident to share!

I'm married to my sweetheart Tim, who is probably the most good-looking guy you'll ever see. I have a REALLY big crush on him! I'm also mama to two really cute kids, which you will see all over this blog! I live in Australia, which is exciting for a lot of my friends because they come from Canada and the U.S. It's exciting for me too actually. I do enjoy being Australian haha.

What are you qualifications?

I've been sewing since I was around 8 years old. My mum would teach my sister and I how to patch up the bodies of our baby dolls, the first thing I ever made was a blue dress for my cabbage patch doll - Goondiwindi [that's where we found her.. lol]. We also had little exercise books where mum would make us do sewing theory and we'd glue our samples of our tacking and stitching into them. I'm pretty sure she still has them, so I'll try and get a photo later.

When i was in highschool I started to sew again, just pencil cases and LOTS AND LOTS of appliquing on pretty much everything I owned. I had a thing for the Rugrats so there'd be Phil & Lil and Angelica faces everywhere. I made mum a pencil case for her work she still has. haha.

When I finished high-school I started to sew again. And I never stopped. When Tim & I moved to Brisbane I went to fashion school for two years. I would havebeen there longer but I dropped out halfway through, it started becoming a real fashion show with all the girls and it was frustrating. I also missed 3 weeks when I went to Perth and I never caught back up. Some day I'll go back.

What I learnt at fashion school has made a big impact on my life. Not only do I realise that it's ok to like fashion, even the absurd ones, I cannow actually appreciate them. I learnt pattern-making and now a days I make my own rather than buy them. That's a skill that I think everyone should try and learn, whether by going to a fashion school just for that course, or self-teaching through books. 

Is Max California your real name?
Actually, believe it or not, no! When I moved to Brisbane, I wanted to be somebody. I was sick of being who I was and I needed change. I found it in Brisbane. I discovered that I did have a choice in what music I wanted to listen to live! Where I came from the music scene was small and if you wanted to go to a gig you didn't have much choice. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing and my friends from that time are some amazing talented people, but screaming punk music will never be me ((Unless I'm in a really bad mood)). I saw what would become my friends' band The Bad Moon Company and I discovered this music called rockabilly, and it's hardcore counterpart Psychobilly.

I was in heaven. I called my sister, "They sound like Elvis came back from the dead!" ((Zombie Elvis))

I'd been looking for a different name for a while, and alter-ego I guess. Nothing came to mind that suited me. Until we watched 8MM. In it are my two favourite actors Nicolas Cage + Joaquin Phoenix. Joaquin's character was called...

Max California

And it stuck :)

[my real name is Ari. Which is short for Aricca. Which is incredibly difficult for people to say and spell correctly so MAX it is! I also go by the name Adam West. I don't think you need to ask why - if you do, he was Batman in the 60s tv show!]

Um what else?
  • I am not American, so don't expect any patriotics here.
  • I do not celebrate birthdays, christmas, easter. 
  • I will never sew with burlap [unless I'm making sacks for a sack race. and even then I'll prolly use something cooler] EDIT: I used burlap ONCE for the Pirate Party
  • I am a rock + roll mama. 
  • If you haven't figured out by now, I'm a MASSIVE comic-book nerd. I love Batman to pieces but The Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Aquaman and Tempest are also up there. I love reading about them, I love watching the animations and movies on tv based on them and I love seeing them at Movieworld. I don't love Superman, he's ok but he doesn't really rate with me. Supergirl I've started to like but Wonderwoman. Ugh. Don't even.

    Oh damn. I just spilt geek all over the keyboard...
  • I dress my son in black t-shirts and it has never stunted his ability to make everyone who lays eyes on him swoon. 
  • I don't abide by most of the rules, my family and I make our own way. 
  • Compared to many of the mama's who write blogs I am very, very different to them. I love them to bits though, and they are a great inspiration to me - don't get me wrong - but I can and will never be like them. 
  • Other nerdiness includes a love for everything sci-fi. EVERYTHING. +100 points if you know where the word 'frell' comes from. [Stacey you don't count]
  • I'm over Zombies btw. It's getting super old and I'm kinda over the whole death thing too - skulls etc. I mean, skulls are cool anatomy-wise, but meh. My 'new' thing is EYEBALLS [lol] and Post-Apocalyptic-ish-ness
  • I'm TERRIBLE at word verification things. When I sign up to stuff online it takes me about 6 tries at the word verification before I actually get it right. I'm Word Verification Impaired
Now tell me about you!

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